About the development of housing construction in the Russian Federation

29 / 02 / 2024

Russian Construction Week 2024 hosted the 9th Russian Meeting on the Development of Housing Construction in the Russian Federation. 

The meeting was moderated by Leonid Kazinets, President at the National Association of Home Builders, member of the Board Bureau, Chair at the Commission on Housing Policy of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, and Honoured Builder of the Russian Federation. The meeting was attended by Efim Basin, Chair at the Committee on Entrepreneurship in the Construction Sector of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Honoured Builder of Russia, and Hero of Socialist Labour, Maria Sinichich, Director at the Department of Integrated Territorial Development of the Russian Ministry of Construction, Housing and Utilities, Alexey Butovetsky, State Secretary – Deputy Head of Rosreestr,  Elena Nikolaeva, Chair at the Commission on Urban Planning, State Property and Land Use of the Moscow City Duma, President at NAMIKS, Alexey Panichev, Development Director at PIK, Evgeny Mordovin, General Director at UGMK-Zastroyshchik, Alexander Chaikovsky, General Director at LSR. Real Estate – M (LSR Group), Alexander Gaidukov, President at Strana Development Group, Svetlana Perminova, General Director at Unicorn (TM Ujin), Anton Glushkov, President at NOSTROY, and Maxim Fateev, Acting Director General at EXPOCENTRE AO.

The moderator read out a welcoming address from Marat Khusnullin, Deputy Prime Minister of Russia. “Despite numerous external challenges, last year turned out to be the most successful in the history of the Russian construction industry in many respects. We have commissioned more than 110 million square metres of housing, improved the living conditions of more than 4 million families. I am confident that Russian Construction Week will be held at a high level, we will be able to work out joint decisions and proposals aimed at the development of our country,” said Marat Khusnullin.

Alexander Lomakin, First Deputy Minister of Construction, Housing and Utilities, joined the meeting via conference call. In his welcoming speech, he noted that the construction industry was one of the key areas, a driver in the development of this country's economy. “The pace that we have gained must be maintained, and this year we need to put into construction no less than we did last year. But figures are not the main thing. We are doing this work to create modern, comfortable living conditions for people,” said Alexander Lomakin.

In his welcoming speech, Maxim Fateev spoke about the exhibitions taking place within Russian Construction Week 2024 and emphasised the professional interest in the event. “More than 2,000 representatives of developer companies from all over Russia have registered for Russian Construction Week,” said Maxim Fateyev. “At the end of the first day, the number of visitors to the Week increased by 75% compared to last year's figures.”

An award ceremony of the Top Residential Complex Contest 2024 was held as part of the plenary session. Efim Basin, chair at the jury of the Top Residential Complex Contest, said that thanks to the contest people now pay attention not only to architecture, cost, area in square meters but also to coziness and comfort. According to Efim Basin, 1.4 thousand nominees – residential complexes – took part in the contest in 2024. He also emphasised that if earlier they were mainly projects from large cities, megacities with millions of inhabitants, today the geography of projects and developers within the TOP Residential Complexes has significantly expanded.

According to Leonid Kazinets, one of the merits of the TOP Residential Complexes contest is the improvement of consumer qualities of new buildings and the implementation by developers of the Integrated Territorial Development standards developed by the Russian Ministry of Construction, Housing and Utilities and DOM.RF: these are the basis for the competition evaluation criteria. “For example, the share of new buildings with courtyards without cars has grown from 25% to more than 40% over the 5 years of the competition, i.e. almost twice. The share of new buildings with the opportunity to buy storage rooms has increased from 24% to 43%, with architectural facade lighting from 10% to 25%. The share of smart new buildings increased from 4% to 11% of all projects under construction. We see a doubling or even tripling of indicators. All of these characterises the high quality of housing that developers are building today,” summarised Leonid Kazinets.

Press Service, EXPOCENTRE AO