Digitalisation in Housing Development

28 / 02 / 2023

Today, the 3rd Conference on Digitalisation in Housing Development. Design and Construction Stages was held within Russian Construction Week and RosBuild 2023 at Expocentre Fairgrounds. The event was organised by the National Association of Home Builders, ERZ.RF, NAIMT – the National Association of Organizations in the Field of Information Modeling Technologies, and EXPOCENTRE AO

The event was moderated by Kirill Kholopik, Head of ERZ.RF, and Mikhail Viktorov, President of NAIMT.

In his opening speech, Mikhail Viktorov touched on the relationship between developers and customers. He drew attention to the Project Management Information System (PMIS) being implemented by the government and stressed that any customer who has spent money wants to see and know in detail how the construction is going.

From July 1, 2024, all developers will also be switching to PMIS. The departure of Western computer-aided design (CAD) systems and the transition to Russian design systems does not concern customer functionality, said Mikhail Viktorov. He presented developments that are exclusively Russian in nature.

Valeriya Zenkevich, Head of the Design Office of T Dev OOO, made a presentation ‘Digitalisation of Design of the Talan Developer’. She drew her colleagues' attention to the difficulties of the design stage, which included: the duration of the interaction process between the client and the general designer, the limitation of acceptable file sizes when sent by e-mail, the lack of control over the executors, the lack of a history of changes in documentation, and the lack of the possibility of simultaneous inspection of drawings by several specialists.

Mikhail Zobnin, Technical Director of STC Konstruktor, presented the report ‘CAPSTROY - Common Data Environment for Information Modelling of Capital Construction Objects’.

Andrey Nagnibedov, Director of IT Digitalisation of PIK Group Development, Antonina Lyulyaeva, Head of Exon.BIM at Gaskar Group, and other experts devoted their speeches to digitalisation of design in residential development.

The conference participants also discussed working with BIM model during the construction phase, digitalisation of interaction between the builder and contractor, construction control, construction documentation management, cost control, as well as electronic cost estimates and digitalisation of materials, transport and equipment supply to the construction site.

Foresight sessions were held at the conference. Teams of developers were asked questions about the challenges that need to be met in order to implement IT modelling technologies on a mass scale.

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Over the next two days, the conference will continue to discuss the digitalisation of the construction industry at the ‘Sales’ and ‘Operations’ stages.

Press Service, EXPOCENTRE AO