Low housing construction is one of the central topics of Russian Construction Week

11 / 03 / 2021

The Low House 2021 conference has aroused great interest among the industry professionals and participants in Russian Construction Week running at EXPOCENTRE Fairgrounds. 

The conference was moderated by President of the Russian Union of Designers and Honored Builder of the Russian Federation Viktor Novoselov, and President of the National Association of Construction Industry Participants Alexander Loshchenko. 

Oleg Betin, Deputy Chairman of the Public Council, Head of the Commission on Individual Housing Construction at the Russian Ministry of Construction, Housing and Utilities, reminded that a few years ago the main emphasis in housing construction was placed on apartment buildings. However, time has shown that we should also pay attention to the low house, individual housing construction, which is gaining momentum. During the pandemic, the demand for low housing in comfortable, good natural conditions has increased, the expert stated. 

Viktor Novoselov noted that low housing made a breakthrough. The society and authority structures have turned to an individual low housing construction. The topic of low-rise Russia is included in the national project. A decision has been made on mortgage lending for housing estates, which is of fundamental importance, as there used to be self-built housing. Today, the banking system requires typification of solutions for individual projects, said the moderator. 

Vladimir Gamza, Chairman of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Committee on Financial, Industrial and Investment Policy, spoke about non-bank sources of finance for low housing development. He highlighted instruments such as project finance and investment partnerships. 

For a variety of reasons, the market cannot provide a breakthrough in rural construction, said Vladimir Yakhyayev, Vice President of the Union of Rural Construction Engineers. For that, he says, a planned economy is needed.

 The conference participants paid attention to low housing development in the structure of urban agglomerations, including such a new element of settlement as eco-bio-settlement, as well as renovation of low housing and creation of comfortable environment. The experts analysed the development trends of low-rise construction in Russia, discussed state construction programmes, effective sales of low housing in integrated development projects and other issues of professional interest. 

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